Consulting for Green Infrastructure & Sustainable Development

You have set ambitious new goals for sustainability. You need an experienced team to help you efficiently reach them.

You have developed a product that works and is environmentally sound and want to reach the construction and urban development community.

A request for proposals has been issued and your "green" products and systems are a perfect match.

Verdant Enterprises brings a team of specialists in green infrastructure and sustainable public development. The principal consultant, Dr. Joan Lurie, brings decades of experience to every project.

Dr. Lurie is a remote sensing scientist with experience in real world and sustainable data applications and a leader in adapting remote sensing technology for environmental purposes.

Verdant is your unparalleled choice for business development, analysis, planning and troubleshooting of green infrastructure and development. Contact us today.

Image of toxic spill in Hungary. Image courtesy of Digital Globe.
Toxic Spill in Hungary
Image courtesy of Digital Globe